New Year, Same Me, Extra Goals

I often roll into the new year with lofty goals and an attempt at a second coming haha, not this year.

Last year weighed heavy. It was my first full year experiencing work and student life in the Mental Health field, whilst navigating my own illness and all that comes with it.

I think I done well, but I am moving into this year holding boundaries and curiosities at their highest.

This isn't the year for me to make a big list of the things I wish to accomplish in the next 12 months, instead, its me breaking down my previous lists in an attempt to work smarter and create bigger, bolder dreams for myself.

I left 2021 a bit depleted. The weight of the year coupled with health challenges and a family loss, which was quickly moved past to focus on our wedding - oh yeah, I'm a Mrs. now!

The wedding was beautiful, magical, all we could have hoped for. And I got to see our parents for the first time in two years thanks to Covid.

On reflection it was all a bit of whirlwind and the past couple of weeks I've been faced with the grief that I unwillingly pushed to the side. 

This next two weeks is solid me time, to bring myself back to ground and focus on what's most important right now.

Our brand spanking new Positive Relations Media Wellness Hub is now live. Sharing media by our wellness contributors from all over the world. As a collective we know that wellness looks different on everyone, and with that in mind we offer tools for movement, expression, relaxation, creativity, research, perspective and much much more to come.

With Covid (hopefully) taking more of a back seat over the next 12 months, we hope to move into in person live events both on and offline, allowing our resources to be accessible for everyone. 

I'm proud at how far we have come in the past year, from a delusional dream to a substantial reality. Big thanks to the entire team for helping bring my vision to life!!

Well, brief update from me. But that's about it in my world.

Focus, vision, passion & purpose.

Much love always xo


Remember remember, how is it November?

Like, how is it November already?

I’ve been trapped in a whirlwind yet again. Lots of work, school work, business development, more work. . 

I wrote last time that I started seeing some effects of sharing my traumas with the UBC students. It would appear looking at my charts that I’ve been having a time since. It’s began taking on physical symptoms and I’ve started dissociating again. Oh man.

Last time this happened was 2019 and I had started some trauma therapy that got swiftly closed down by my psychiatrist. So it looks like another leave of absence from work to get back on my feet.

It’s kinda gives me the opportunity to get school work back on track, I’ve been running at least 3 days behind with every assignment.

I’ll take a moment to say I’m grateful for the crisp chill in the air and the multicoloured leaves floating around the sky. 

I’m grateful that I’m marrying my best friend in 53 days.

I know I’ve got this. I took on too much. But it’s my responsibility, to my wellness, to recognize the signs of stress endured relapse and take the control back.

Whooooah it gets better.


Falling into September.

 I always have such good intentions for the future of my blogging at the end of my last blog post. . And then. . 

But, I made it back and that’s what counts!

We never made our cycling trip around the Okanagan due to real bad forest fires in the province, that and lots of Covid outbreaks in the region. We instead got more camping, a wee trip to Tigh Na Nara and a staycation in Nanaimo. I actually went to Nanaimo for a Suicide Intervention course, which even though it was tough work, I believe its great knowledge to have.

September was a big Anniversary month for me. 10 years ago this month I stepped off the plane from Scotland and 7 years ago this month, I was hospitalized under the Mental Health Act. Seems like such a long and short space of time since both these things happened. And then I reflect on that time and think WOWxeroni. Just how?

On the 7 years in recovery note, I met with my old psychiatrist and it was so cool to chat as a worker and not as a patient. Well that’s a bit of a lie, I was a volunteer patient for the UBC students, but I got to have a nice chat with him outside the official interview.

I think that interview took more out of me than I’d care to admit. I visibly went on a bit of a rollercoaster in the week following - there were a few other factors are play, but it was quite the time. I had my first panic attack in almost 3 years. You know, i could get down about it, but I’m not going to. I practised things in that moment that I never had the insight or education to do before. It took a while, but I recovered. Progress. 

AND, because every low can be met with a high, I took part in a podcast for the first time recently! There is a wonderful project in Victoria, spearheaded by the equally amazing Emily Olsen, called The Connection Project. We met a few times and sparks were just flying, so I was so thrilled when she asked me to chat with her on her podcast. You can listen to it here. We are also planning to have a little write up about myself and Positive Relations Media in the upcoming event program.

In the biggest piece of news from the past while. . . Drum roll. . . We have cancelled the big wedding and we are eloping. It made so much more sense having not seen our parents now for a couple of years. I am truly looking forward to a small intimate day and a chance to make these memories in such an uncertain time. We plan on using next summer to honeymoon and spend more personal time with all of our friends and family. 

You’re pretty caught up now. . Well except to tell you I got invited to interview for a Disney cruise ship, but that dream will most def have to wait a bit longer. My future is being shaped by Peer Support, advocacy and self development. One day, Mickey, my friend.

Much love xo